Flexible Thermoplastic sheets add stunning dimensional patterns to any wall.

Take walls
to another dimension.

What is it?

4’ x 8’ lightweight, flexible thermoplastic sheets produced in dynamic dimensional patterns and vivid finishes.


Make Waves. (and other dimensional patterns and designs)

Volta™ Dimensional Flex Sheets are made of lightweight thermoplastic in a wide variety of eye-catching dimensional patterns and vivid finishes.

Volta™ Flex is an economical way to make any vertical surface look like a million bucks.


Flyweight.  Just a quarter pound per square foot and flexible enough to be rolled.

Chemical Resistant_Volta

Brute! Stands up to UV exposure and most chemicals.

Chemical Resistant_Volta

Snip, Snap. Simply cut to size and install with adhesive.

20 Finishes_Icon

Count ‘em. 20 dimensional patterns and 9 finish options add up to countless design possibilities.

Finish Options

Mind blowing.

These mesmerizing patterns and breathtaking finishes let you create a truly unique focal point for any vertical surface.

Pattern Options

Choose from a dozen dynamic 3-D patterns.

Finish Options

From linen to precious metal, we’ve got just the right finishing touch.

Check out great pricing on select overstock panels. Get them before they are gone!

Trim Options

Put a bow on it.

Wrap it up with the perfect trim. Marlite has created coordinating trim in each Volta™ Flex finish option to tie the whole project together.


Easy Peasy.

Volta™ Flex panels can be trimmed to size with common shears or a razor knife. The panels are then simply applied to the wall with adhesive. Cue the mic drop.

Trowel Marlite adhesive to the vertical wall surface.

Working from bottom to top, roll the Volta™ Dimensional Flex Sheet onto the surface.

Press the panel against the wall.

Apply pressure evenly across the panel to ensure adhesion.

For a complete guide to installing Marlite Volta™ Dimensional Flex Sheet, please click here.

Prepare to be wowed.

Check out our gallery of real-world applications of Volta™ Dimensional Flex Sheet.

Quick Specs

  1. Substrate: Lightweight Thermoplastic
  2. Dimensions: 4’x8’.062” (nominal)
  3. Fire Rating: Class I/A (ASTM-E84)
  4. Wipes clean with easily with standard cleaning solutions.
  5. Panels weight ¼ pound per square foot

Volta Dimensional Flex Sheets

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CSI Document

Installation & Care

Volta Flex Installation Instructions

White PVC Trim

Length – 8′ and 10′ Material – Extruded PVC with integral color

Inside Corner M350​
Outside Corner M360
Edge M370​
135° Inside Corner V177
135° Outside Corner V179

Anodized Aluminum Trim

Satin, Bright Satin or Black Satin Anodized aluminum trim molding for use with any FRP finish.

Inside Corner A551
Outside Corner A560
Edge A570

Harmonizing Aluminum Trim

Durable painted aluminum trim molding harmonizes with any FRP finish.

Inside Corner A551
Outside Corner A560​
Division A565
Edge A570

Designer Aluminum Trim

Available in Clear Satin Anodized or Harmonizing Color

Ribbed A566
Radius A567
Square Channel A568

Quick Specs

  1. Substrate: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
  2. Fire Rating: Class III/C and I/A
  3. Panel dimensions: 4’x8’x3/32” & 4’x10’x3/32″ (nominal)
  4. Meets USDA/FSIS Requirements.
  5. Wipes clean with easily with standard cleaning solutions.
  6. Costs less than most tile, laminate, and natural materials.
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Artizan FRP

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CSI Document

Installation & Care
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FRP Installation Instructions

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Cleaning Instructions for FRP 2020