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Marlite’s diverse collection of materials and finishes is unparalleled in the industry. With attributes ranging from high aesthetic to maximum durability, we offer the ultimate in selection. All panel surfaces are manufactured with consistent quality and are easily installed using pre-engineered wall systems.
BlueSky Icon BlueSky
An advanced finishing system that taps directly into your imagination so you can put the world on a wall.
Wood Veneers Icon Wood Veneers
Wood Veneers
Offering FSC and SFI certified veneers. Automated sanding and precision coating technologies ensure consistency, durability and the highest quality finish.
Wood Veneer Materials AVAILABLE PRODUCTS:
Metal Panels Icon Metal Panels
Metal Panels
From soft and natural to dominant and bold, metal veneers enhance space with structure and stability.
Metal Panels Materials AVAILABLE PRODUCTS:
Metal Panels Icon Dimensional Panels
Metal Panels
Decorative carved MDF panels and flexible high impact panels offer unique aesthetics.
Metal Panels Materials AVAILABLE PRODUCTS:
a3 CeramicSteel a3 CeramicSteel
FRP Panels

One of the most durable surfaces available anywhere in the world. Ideal for any interior space where people meet materials.


FRP Panels Icon FRP Panels
FRP Panels
Marlite FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) Wall Panels provide ultimate durability, satisfying the most stringent demands.
Metal Panels Materials AVAILABLE PRODUCTS:
High Pressure Laminates Icon High Pressure Laminates
High Pressure Laminates
Wide variety of High Pressure Laminate selections from all the major brands.
High Pressure Laminates Materials AVAILABLE PRODUCTS:
Translucents Translucents
Decorative resin with encapsulated botanicals, glass finishes or solid colors are easily illuminated.
Translucents Materials AVAILABLE PRODUCTS:
Phenolic Ultra Durable Phenolic-Ultra Durable
Phenolic Ultra Durable
Compact laminate is a paper fiber-based solid surface material that is recommended for heavy-use application areas. Available through WilsonArt International and Formica.
Phenolic Ultra Durable Materials AVAILABLE PRODUCTS:
Slate Icon Fabric
Select your fabric from any major supplier.