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Camp Pendleton Hospital

Marlite Inc (Dover OH) is proud to be part of the interior design for the Camp Pendleton Replacement Hospital. This 500,000 square foot hospital will serve 70,000 Marines and their family members. This facility is complete with 54 patient rooms, specialty care clinics, and emergency and primary care units. The project was completed in 2013 and by December 2013 the transition to the new hospital had begun.

Designer Walls for atriums

The Camp Pendleton Hospital project achieved LEED Gold status. This was accomplished using many sustainable options, including green roofs, sun screens, low flow plumbing and maximized use of recycled materials. Marlite supplied FSC Certified FRP wall panels to assist in compliance with these standards. In addition to the FSC certified material, Marlite developed a custom proprietary finish; this finish gives the look of veneer wood wall panels with a reduced environmental impact and significant cost savings.

The design of the Hospital has been praised for its welcoming design with waiting areas that feel like hotel lobbies, a bright dining facility, landscaped atriums, zen gardens, and themed décor. Captain Mark A Kobelja, the commanding officer of the Naval Hospital Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, stated “The new facility utilizes evidence-based design to enhance healing for patients.”  The goal of the design team was to create an updated, world-class facility that incorporated the latest in evidence-based design and the best practices in healthcare services.

Healthcare patient room design

Dennison Yard

Dennison Yard’s kitchen gets a makeover. Restaurant uses new technology to fix an old problem.

White PVC Trim

Length – 8′ and 10′ Material – Extruded PVC with integral color

Inside Corner M350​
Outside Corner M360
Edge M370​
135° Inside Corner V177
135° Outside Corner V179

Anodized Aluminum Trim

Satin Anodized, Bright Anodized or Black Satin Anodized aluminum trim molding for use with any FRP finish.

Inside Corner A551
Outside Corner A560
Edge A570

Harmonizing Aluminum Trim

Durable painted aluminum trim molding harmonizes with any FRP finish.

Inside Corner A551
Outside Corner A560​
Division A565
Edge A570

Designer Aluminum Trim

Available in Clear Satin Anodized or Harmonizing Color

Ribbed A566
Radius A567
Square Channel A568

Quick Specs

  1. Substrate: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
  2. Fire Rating: Class III/C and I/A
  3. Panel dimensions: 4’x8’x3/32” & 4’x10’x3/32″ (nominal)
  4. Meets USDA/FSIS Requirements.
  5. Wipes clean with easily with standard cleaning solutions.
  6. Costs less than most tile, laminate, and natural materials.
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Artizan FRP

Submittal Info
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CSI Document

Installation & Care
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FRP Installation Instructions

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Cleaning Instructions for FRP 2020