Design hi-res mural walls that create a stunning visual effect – on a tough, sanitary surface. Envue FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) wall panels provide optimum graphic reproduction, protected by Marlite’s Sani-Coat sealer. Installed panels are resistant to moisture, stains, mold and mildew – and are easily wiped clean.

Blue Sky BlueSky

An advanced finishing system that let’s you put the world on a wall.

  • Offers feature wall appeal for high wear spaces.
  • Resists impact, stains, bacteria, mold and mildew, and won’t crack.
  • Costs less installed than custom-printed HPL and vinyl wall coverings.
  • Wipes clean easily with standard cleaning solutions.
  • Meets USDA/FSIS requirements.
  • Available in Class III/C and Class I/A Fire-rating.
Panel Dimension - up to 4’ x 10’ x 3/32” (nominal)
Envue Panels are part of a complete system, including Trim and Base Molding, Outside Corner Guards, Adhesives and Silicone Sealants.
Length - 8'
Colors - As specified with FRP
Material - Extruded aluminum with durable finish.

Designer Aluminum Trim

Available in Clear Satin Anodized or Harmonizing Aluminum
Ribbed F566 Ribbed F566
Radius F567 Radius F567
Square Channel F568 Square Channel F568

Harmonizing Aluminum Trim

Durable painted Aluminum Trim Molding harmonizes with any FRP finish
Inside Corner A551 Inside Corner A551
Outside Corner A560 Outside Corner A560
Division A565 Division A565
Edge A570 Edge A570

Anodized Aluminum Trim

Satin, Bright Satin or Black Satin Anodized Aluminum Trim Molding for use with any FRP Finish.
Inside Corner F551 Inside Corner F551
Outside Corner F560 Outside Corner F560
Division F565 Division F565
Edge F570 Edge F570

PVC Trim

Length - 8' and 10’
Colors - Standard FRP colors – white, beige, natural almond, ivory, silver, light grey, black
Material - Extruded PVC with integral color.
M360 Outside Corner M360
Outside Corner
>M350 Inside Corner M350
Inside Corner
M370 Edge M370
M365 Division M365
V177 135° Inside Corner V177 135°
Inside Corner
V179 135° Outside Corner V179 135°
Outside Corner
V65 Base Cove 3" V65 Base Cove 3"

Base Molding and Corner Guards

Base Molding
Length - 4” wide x 10’ long
Colors - P200 Black P203 Quarry Red
Material - Rigid extruded PVC
Base Molding M612 Base M612
M 660 Outside Corner M 660 Outside Corner
M 651 Inside Corner M 651 Inside Corner
End Caps M 625 RH End Cap & M 620 LH End Cap End Caps
M 625 RH End Cap
M 620 LH End Cap
Butt Joint Connector Included with Base Molding strips Butt Joint Connector
Included with Base
Molding strips
Length - 8’ and 10’ long
Material - Stainless Steel or Rigid Extruded PVC
Colors - Most standard Marlite FRP Colors White, Natural Almond, Ivory*, Silver*, Light Grey*
* denotes 10’ length only
F560SS Stainless Corner Guard F560SS
Corner Guard
M 961 PVC Outside Corner Guard M 961
PVC Outside
Corner Guard
Simplified Installation
FRP panels install easily and in a fraction of the installation time of ceramic tile.
C-915 Adhesive-Size - 3.5 gallon can
Adv Polymer Panel Adhesive-Size - 3.5 gallon can
C-551 Adhesive-Size - 3.5 gallon can
MS-250 Clear Size - 10 oz. cartridge
MS-251 White Size - 10 oz. cartridge
Color Matched Size - 10 oz. cartridge
Trowel Size - 3/16” W x 1/4” D x 1/2” C-C notch
Marlite Brand Adhesive FRP Panels can be easily
cut with shears o a
carbide tip saw.
Marlite Brand Adhesive Apply Marlite Brand Adhesive
to the back of panels and
apply them to a subwall.
Marlite Brand Adhesive In Buckets
Seam Joint Installation
Contact Marlite for complete instructions.
Installation Instructions 1 Place a 6 penny
spacing nail between
Installation Instructions 2 After adhesive dries
one hour, remove nail
and protect face with
Installation Instructions 3 Place a bead of
harmonizing sealant in
the gap.
Installation Instructions 4 Using your finger,
place a slight
indentation in the gap.
Installation Instructions 5 Remove tape to
reveal a grooved and
matched seam joint.