Book Matching Wood & Slip Matched Veneer

Matching Between Panels

Non-Sequenced Matching Between Panels

Sequenced Matching Between Panels

Book Matching

Book-matched Faces, for Optimum Panel Appearance

Marlite provides all wood veneer panels with “book-matched” faces as a standard, creating a symmetrical layout that the adjacent veneer leaves on the panel. Additionally, custom layouts can be provided for individual panels, per your specification, including slip-match, random-match, or balance-match faces.

Book-match vs Random-match of Veneer Faces

With book-matching, every other piece of veneer (referred to as a “leaf”) is flipped so adjacent leaves are “opened” like the pages of a book. Panels may contain odd or even numbers of leaves and the number of leaves may vary from panel to panel depending on the veneer specified. Book-matching and slip-matching are characteristic to most upscale and high-quality wood panel installations. A lower-cost alternative to veneer panel lay-up is random-matching, with veneer leaves placed next to each other in random order and orientation, producing a less consistent, “board-by-board” effect. Random-matching results in considerable pattern variation and is typically not desirable for upscale wall designs.



Random vs Blueprint Layout for Walls

Marlite’s standard is to provide book-matched panels for installation in random layout. Meaning that panels will have book-matched faces, but are not shipped to the jobsite for installation in a particular order. For most projects and veneer selections, random layout is a good choice. Marlite can also provide the logistical coordination for “blueprint” installations. Blueprint layouts provide the most consistent installed appearance available, by matching individually numbered panels to specific locations on each wall. Blueprinting begins with coordination of the veneer leaves during panel lay-up, so each leaf is placed in sequential order. The panels must be produced to maintain that order on adjacent panels, throughout manufacturing, all the way to installation. This level of logistical coordination means that blueprint installations always demand a premium price.

Marlite puts it all together for you:

  • Customizable veneer selections
  • Customized matching and stains, to specification
  • Select, premium quality veneers
  • Dependable, premium finishing process
  • Durable finishes
  • On time delivery

White PVC Trim

Length – 8′ and 10′ Material – Extruded PVC with integral color

Inside Corner M350​
Outside Corner M360
Edge M370​
135° Inside Corner V177
135° Outside Corner V179

Anodized Aluminum Trim

Satin, Bright Satin or Black Satin Anodized aluminum trim molding for use with any FRP finish.

Inside Corner A551
Outside Corner A560
Edge A570

Harmonizing Aluminum Trim

Durable painted aluminum trim molding harmonizes with any FRP finish.

Inside Corner A551
Outside Corner A560​
Division A565
Edge A570

Designer Aluminum Trim

Available in Clear Satin Anodized or Harmonizing Color

Ribbed A566
Radius A567
Square Channel A568

Quick Specs

  1. Substrate: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
  2. Fire Rating: Class III/C and I/A
  3. Panel dimensions: 4’x8’x3/32” & 4’x10’x3/32″ (nominal)
  4. Meets USDA/FSIS Requirements.
  5. Wipes clean with easily with standard cleaning solutions.
  6. Costs less than most tile, laminate, and natural materials.
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Artizan FRP

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Installation & Care
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FRP Installation Instructions

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Cleaning Instructions for FRP 2020