Myriad Decorative Acrylic Panels

Prelit panels make backlighting panels easy.

A truly
bright concept

A clever system of pre-lit panels makes backlighting easy.

What is it?

Prelit panels in 12” x 12” minimum and up to 48” x 48” maximum to create stunning backlighting effect. Framework can support thickness up to ¾”.


A Myriad of possibilities.

Myriad provides an ensemble of pre-manufactured panels with choices in opaque, transparent, and translucent materials within a “snap-fit” framing system. The system features pre-installed LED backlighting components, making illumination simple and effective.

Pick a winner.
Select virtually any finish or material to use within the Translucent Wall System framing system to achieve breathtaking aesthetics.
Mix it up.The robust hardware accommodates panels up to 24 square feet (48” x 48”) and panel thickness panel thickness up to ¾”.
Get wired. LED lighting components ship preinstalled in snap-fit aluminum framing, making panel-to-panel wiring unnecessary.
Grab your toolbox.Only simple tools are needed to install wall rails and assemble or change the panels.
Finish Options

Myriad possibilities.

Marlite’s Myriad™ Translucent Wall System brings you unparalleled finish options to create the dynamic look you want.

Translucent Finishes

Myriad™ translucent panels bring a one-of-a-kind appearance to any space and are ideal for backlighting.

Dimensional Sheets

Marlite Volta™ Dimensional Flex Sheets introduce dimension to your wall design. Choose from more than 20 patterns and 9 finish options.

Digitally Printed Panels

With Marlite’s advanced BlueSky™ Advanced Finishing System, you can put Your World on a Wall™. The possibilities are nearly endless.

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Signature Wood Veneer

More than 25 species of AA grade wood panel wall veneer are available in 4 distinct premium finishes.

High Pressure Laminate

Available in hundreds of laminate finishes
from the top.


Create spectacular effects with perforated and expanded metals, wire mesh, brushed, polished, and more.

Trim Options

Framing your masterpiece.

Myriad trim selections ensure a perfect fit and finish on edges, corners, and base. Trim is available in radius and flat profiles with a choice of satin anodized or black satin anodized finishes.

Flat Profile Frame

Linear Edge

Wall Rail

Inside Corner

Outside Corner


Installation is a snap. Quite literally.

Myriad’s smart pre-engineered hardware system consists of extruded aluminum framework, “snap-fit” fasteners, wall rails and linear trim. As a result, installation is fast, secure and even easy to change out as desired.

Step 1: Attach the extruded aluminum framework.

Step 2: Locate “snap-fit” fasteners.

Step 3: Position each panel into the desired position.

Step 4: “Snap” into place to secure the panel to the framework.

Step 5: Check gaps and adjust as necessary.

For a complete guide to installing Marlite Wall Systems, click here.

We’re transparent about our favorite Myriad™ installations.

Visit our gallery to see some of our favorite real-world Myriad Translucent Wall System installations.

Quick Specs

  1. Panel Substrates: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), Acrylic, Thermoplastic.
  2. Panel Dimensions: 12”x12” minimum, 48”x48” maximum.
  3. Panel Thickness: 3/32” minimum, ¾” maximum.
  4. Fire Rating: Class III/C and Class I/A available.

Myriad Wall System

Submittal Info
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CSI Document

Installation & Care

Myriad Installation Instructions


Translucent Installation Instructions

White PVC Trim

Length – 8′ and 10′ Material – Extruded PVC with integral color

Inside Corner M350​
Outside Corner M360
Edge M370​
135° Inside Corner V177
135° Outside Corner V179

Anodized Aluminum Trim

Satin, Bright Satin or Black Satin Anodized aluminum trim molding for use with any FRP finish.

Inside Corner A551
Outside Corner A560
Edge A570

Harmonizing Aluminum Trim

Durable painted aluminum trim molding harmonizes with any FRP finish.

Inside Corner A551
Outside Corner A560​
Division A565
Edge A570

Designer Aluminum Trim

Available in Clear Satin Anodized or Harmonizing Color

Ribbed A566
Radius A567
Square Channel A568

Quick Specs

  1. Substrate: Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
  2. Fire Rating: Class III/C and I/A
  3. Panel dimensions: 4’x8’x3/32” & 4’x10’x3/32″ (nominal)
  4. Meets USDA/FSIS Requirements.
  5. Wipes clean with easily with standard cleaning solutions.
  6. Costs less than most tile, laminate, and natural materials.
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Artizan FRP

Submittal Info
DOC Thumbnails

CSI Document

Installation & Care
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FRP Installation Instructions

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Cleaning Instructions for FRP 2020