Marlite for Healthcare
Few walls are subjected to more potential abuse than vertical surfaces in healthcare. Carts, beds and mobile medical equipment present daily hazards that cost hospitals time and money. Marlite’s Induro™ FRP is the ultimate in wall protection with impact and scratch resistance, second to none.
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Induro FRP Induro FRP Wall Protection System
Induro Decorative Laminate FRP is an exceptionally wear resistant panel created through an exclusive process of thermally bonding impregnated surfacing materials directly to a fiberglass core. Designer Trims, Hand Rails and Corner Guards combine to create a convenient and complete Induro FRP wall protection system.
Exclusive Panel Construction
Exclusive Panel Construction
Ideal for public, semi-critical and critical care spaces such as hallways, patient rooms, intensive care units, emergency treatment and exam rooms.
mX7 Series Flat Hand Rail mX7 Series Flat Hand Rail
mX8 Series Accent Strip mX8 Series Accent Strip
Impact Test
ASTM D5420-04 product on 1/2” drywall
Impact Test Rigid Plastic Wall Panel Rigid plastic wall panel - Complete structural failure
Impact Test Induro FRP Wall Panel Induro FRP wall panel - nominal damage
Scratch Resistant Test
ASTM D2197
Scratch Competitive Rigid Plastic Wall Panel Competitive Rigid Plastic Wall Panel
Scratch Test Induro FRP Wall Panel Induro FRP Wall Panel
Life Cycle
Induro FRP is the easiest, most affordable way of applying laminate to walls. With virtually zero repair or replacement costs, Induro FRP life cycle expenditures are at a fraction of the cost of painted drywall and flat rigid plastic panels. Induro is built to last for a decade or more!
Life Cycle
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