Graphic Wall Panels Graphic Wall Panels

Creating a stunning custom graphic wall has never been easier. Simply provide high resolution art and Marlite will bring it to life. Photographs, logos, artwork or abstract patterns – from subtle accents to breathtaking graphics large enough to cover an entire wall – Marlite delivers.

Relevant Products
Surface Systems Icon Surface Systems®
Surface Systems
The modular wall panel system features 3/4” thick graphics panels that are easily attached to a subwall using Mechanically Applied Panel (MAP) system technology.
Modules Icon Modules
Fifteen standard square and rectangle sizes can be mixed and matched to create unlimited graphic wall panel configurations.
Myriad Icon Myriad
Choose from ensemble of opaque or translucent finishes including backlit graphic panels. The graphics can be changeable and backlight-ready.
Sieva Icon Sieva
Durable High Pressure Laminate (HPL) graphic wall panels - are applied to the wall to create maximum impact.
Slatwall Icon Slatwall
Make ordinary retail space come to life. Attract consumers by adding graphic appeal to horizontally grooved slatwall merchandising panels.
Envue FRP Icon Envue FRP
Envue FRP
Achieve striking visual effects on a tough, sanitary surface using Envue Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Panels - resistant to stains, moisture and mildew.