Azure Woods Azure Woods
Giclée Imaging, accepted and renowned in the world of fine art reproduction, offers stunningly accurate image reproduction. The method produces consistency of color and tone far beyond the capability of any standard millwork offering. The Giclée process applies an eco-responsible finishing system with an eco-friendly substrate that combine to have a low environmental impact.

Azure environmental woods offer:

  • Inseparable Realism
  • Consistent Colors
  • Low Earthly Impact

Azure Wood's Breakthrough Multi-Step Finishing Process

Azure Woods Finishing Process
3101D Anigre<br>(Quartered)

3101D Anigre

3102D Anigre<br>(Quartered Fiddleback)

3102D Anigre
(Quartered Fiddleback)

3103D Mozambique<br>(Quartered Fiddleback)

3103D Mozambique
(Quartered Fiddleback)

3104D Bamboo<br>(Quartered)

3104D Bamboo

3105D Birch, Red Ice<br>(Quartered)

3105D Birch, Red Ice

3106D Birch, White<br>(Flat Cut)

3106D Birch, White
(Flat Cut)

3107D Bubinga, Waterfall

3107D Bubinga, Waterfall

3108D Cherry<br>(Flat Cut)

3108D Cherry
(Flat Cut)

3109D Makore<br>(Quartered Block Mottle)

3109D Makore
(Quartered Block Mottle)

3110D Makore<br>(Block Mottle)

3110D Makore
(Block Mottle)

3111D Maple<br>(Flat Cut)

3111D Maple
(Flat Cut)

3112D Movingui<br>(Quartered Fiddleback)

3112D Movingui
(Quartered Fiddleback)

3113D Oak, Red<br>(Rift Cut)

3113D Oak, Red
(Rift Cut)

3114D Okoume<br>(Crotch)

3114D Okoume

3115D Sapele<br>(Pommele)

3115D Sapele

2116D Sapele<br>(Quartered)

2116D Sapele

3117D Walnut, African<br>(Flat Cut)

3117D Walnut, African
(Flat Cut)

3118D Walnut, American<br>(Flat Cut)

3118D Walnut, American
(Flat Cut)

3119D Walnut, American<br>(Burl)

3119D Walnut, American

3120D Walnut, American<br>(Crotch)

3120D Walnut, American

3121D Wenge<br>(Quartered)

3121D Wenge

3122D Zebrawood<br>(Quartered)

3122D Zebrawood

Notes: Panel colors within this website are RGB equivalent. For the best color representation please request a product sample.
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