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Our images are painstakingly scanned, edited and processed so it’s easy for you
to incorporate just the right imagery into your design.

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If you have just the right image in mind, this is the option for you.

Marlite recommends uploading a .ai, .eps, .tiff, .jpeg, .psd or .psb image that is at least 549 pixels wide x 792 pixels high. This will ensure good image integrity on the 7 5/8” x 11” BlueSky™ sample you will receive. Upon sample approval, Marlite will provide guidance on the image requirements depending on the panel sizes for your project.


Stock Photography

Stock libraries are another great place to find what you’re looking for.
We’ve linked to some of our favorite libraries to help get you started.

Select a Solid Color

Our partnership with Sherwin Williams lets you choose from over 7000
colors to find the one that’s right for your project.

Option 1) Enter the Color #

Option 2) Browse Colors

Option 3) Use the ColorSnap Tool


Go to Sherwin Williams ColorSnap tool to find your color.

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Send Something to Marlite to Scan

Love a fabric and think it would make a sophisticated BlueSky wall pattern? Create a one-of-a-kind look that’s as beautiful as it is inspiring. Ship Marlite any item, and we will turn it into a custom wall. If you need your item returned, don’t sweat it. Just let us know where to send it.

Then download our shipping label to send us your item:

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